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Snack Offerings

A variety of daily snacks are offered to students K-8 in the cafeteria.   Please check back in September for our offerings.

  • Large Water (16.9 oz).

  • Hot Pretzel

  • Dole Mandarin Oranges in fruit juice

  • Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish (1.5 oz bag)

  • Rice Krispy Treat (22g bar)

  • Bachman Mini Pretzels (1 oz bag)

  • Nature Valley Honey & Oats Granola Bar (1.5 oz)

  • Pirate Booty

  • Ice Cream Cup

  • Ice Cream Sandwich

Each snack is purchased using one snack coupon.  No cash is accepted in the cafeteria.

Snack coupons - $10 per sheet (1 sheet = 14 coupons) - NOTE: previously purchased snack coupons are still valid and will be accepted in the lunchroom.

Coupons will be sent home ONLY on TUESDAYS. 

There are two ways to order your coupons:

  • Online - PURCHASE NOW!  Please note orders MUST be placed by Sunday 8pm to make the Tuesday delivery.  There will be no exceptions.

  • Purchase through the school office - Please print out the lunch and snack coupon order form by clicking HERE.  Send in the completed form along with a check made payable to St. Joseph School PTA in an envelope marked School Office - Snack Coupons.