Class Parent Duties

St. Joseph School
Class Parent Duties & Responsibilities

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Thank you for volunteering to be your child’s class parent!  It is a great way to meet the parents in your child’s class as well working with our wonderful St. Joseph’s teachers.  

 Planning Together as a Grade Level:

  • Meet with your child’s teacher to discuss class trips and parties before the Class Coffee.  
  • Teachers are usually specific about what supplies they want and most have sign-up sheets for the Class Coffee. 
    • If your teacher does not have sign-up sheets available, please make up your own with the information from your meeting.
  • It is important to plan and coordinate with the other class parents on your grade level regarding parties, goodie bags, Christmas and End of Year gifts for the students.  Everything should be the same for both classes.  
  • Class Party Money - Keep in mind that class party money amounts vary among the classes and you are not expected to fund anything out of your pocket.  Consider combining the class party money with the other class on your grade level.  It is important to budget your party money.  One class parent from each class will receive the check in December.  
  • Teacher Gifts- Teachers are given a Christmas and End of Year gift through the PTA dues.  You are not responsible for organizing and collecting money for these gifts.  If parents wish to give the teacher a gift, they can do so on their own.
  • Communication with the parents in your class is very important.  Email is the best way to keep them informed about upcoming class events and parties.
  • School Website - Encourage parents to utilize the school website and check the class webpage.  The school web address is
  • PTA Website - Encourage parents to utilize the PTA website and check for Weekly Mail and Week at a Glance for upcoming school events.  The PTA web address is

 General Class Coffee Responsibilities:  

  • As a class parent, you will have a table where parents can come and sign up for class party supplies and trips.  Parents who sign up for class trips can only go on one trip and must have VIRTUS training. Volunteers for the trips will be chosen by lottery.
  • Queen of Hearts – Collect $10 per student for a class basket for the Chinese Auction.  Please keep a list of who donated and cash any checks at the Treasurer’s Table.
  • Email Addresses – Have a sign-up sheet for parents give you their email for communicating class events.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Carnival – Please have a sign-up sheet for parents to work one hour at the carnival and/or make a dessert for the Bake Sale.
  • Treasurer’s Table - Encourage parents pay their PTA dues & receive their school directory.  
  • PTA Committees – encourage parents to sign up to help out at  Special Events,  Lunch & Playground Duty, purchase a Christmas wreath and sign-up to have a beautiful Family Photo taken.

 PTA Dues Break-down:

The following is a breakdown of where the dues money goes:

  • Class Party Money - $15
  • PTA Dues - $10
  • St. Patrick’s Day Carnival - $5
  • Christmas/End of Year Teachers Gift - $30

Total Cost:

  • $60 for 1 child
  • $75 for 2 children
  • $90 for 3 children
  • $105 for 4 children

The $15 increase per child is for class party money.

Dues can be paid by cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.  Please make checks payable to: St. Joseph School PTA.

 Special Grade Level Responsibilities:

  •  Second Grade- Class parents will plan and coordinate with the teachers for the Communion Breakfast. Have a sign-up sheet for breakfast foods, drinks, plates, cups, utensils, tablecloths and decorations.  Check with the teachers as to how much of each.
  • Third Grade- Class parents will set up the day before and serve the morning of the Communion Breakfast. Have a sign-up sheet asking for volunteers to assist in set up, serving and clean up.
  • Sixth Grade- Class parents will plan for the End of Year Barbeque.
  • Seventh Grade- Class parents will plan and coordinate the School Dance for the upper grades. 
  • Eighth Grade- Class parents will assist the Executive Class parents in planning the Graduation Weekend.

 Queen of Hearts Luncheon:

 The Queen of Hearts Luncheon is an annual fundraising event held in February.

  • Planning a class table is great way to include new parents.  It also gives them a sense of belonging to a group.
  • Class Basket – Class parents are asked to put together a prize basket for the Chinese Auction.  A suggested donation of $10.00 from each child in the class will be used for the basket.  This donation should be collected at the Class Coffee.


  • Class parents are encouraged to take photos of class plays, assemblies, prayer services and trips.  If you cannot be at an event, ask another parent in the class to help out. 
  • Please check with the teacher if any of the students in the photos have a signed form stating that their picture not be published. 
  • You can submit your photos along with a short paragraph to the Publicity Chairperson.  Please include your name and phone number with your submission.
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